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Video: Chris Grice Vlogs from Tennessee After Winning 3rd Consecutive Junior National Title

“First Vlog! Live from a day in Tennessee with Sean Leader and Carson Fletch / Nine Five MTB (Chris Grice Vlogs for the first time after returning from Europe and winning his 3rd Jr National Title in a row).” – Chris Grice
Two Pro Bikes from Downhill Southeast – Windrock II 2020

After becoming the 15-16 US Downhill National Champion for two years running, Christopher Grice joined Loic Bruni and Finn Iles on the Specialized Gravity Team for what would have been his first year racing in elites. With World Cup racing on hold, Christopher has been getting some extra training time in and finished with an impressive fourth place in the elite race.
Christopher Grice Joins Loic Bruni & Finn Iles on Specialized Gravity

Specialized Gravity hinted at a new member joining the team way back in November, but today we’ve finally found out who that person is. As we suspected, it’s a Junior rider that will be joining Loic Bruni and Finn Iles. Christopher Grice is a 16-year-old who currently resides in Pisgah, North Carolina and despite his young age, he’s already been making waves on the North American race scene.

Christopher Grice Mountain Bike Racer

The future of #USDH is bright with racers like Chris and all the other frothing groms coming up! CLICK HERE to listen to the whole interview!

Christopher Grice

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Race Report: Perfect Conditions for the Downhill Southeast Series at Windrock
Apr 2, 2019
by Burke Saunders

Just a few weeks after kicking off the North American DH race season at The Tennessee National for the first stop of the ProGRT Series, the Downhill Southeast Series is back for its 4th year and its first stop…

Bike Check: Christopher Grice’s Specialized Demo – 2019 Windrock Pro GRT
Mar 12, 2019
by Daniel Sapp

Christopher Grice is only 15 years old but his list of top race results already spans a decade. Getting his start in BMX, Grice now is racing in the Juniors in downhill and is already racking up wins…

Finals Photo Epic: Southern Discomfort – 2019 Windrock Pro GRT
Mar 10, 2019
by Dave Trumpore

Once again it would be rain that greeted racers on track throughout the day at Windrock Bike Park, the already saturated ground turning even more into mush by the hour. While conditions were messy for…