Crankworx Innsbruck all finished up. It was an up and down week with lots of positives to take away! I seeded 15th in Elite Men and in the Final ended up 22.

The course was pretty simple and flat but made it so important to be spot on and full gas all the way. My race was was great all for one mistake in the rocks that led to me losing my momentum, and since the course was flat it cost me a a lot of time to get my speed back up. Looking at the results those few seconds would have made the result a lot better as I was shooting for a top 10.

It’s all learning, getting better at dealing with the nerves and finding that perfect balance for a race run. Happy with the progress and let’s keep going!

Photos by: @maddogboris

Fun weekend in Winterberg! Some rain minutes before finals kept things sketchy. P3 for me, the times were tight and I made a hefty bobble in the last woods. Overall a nice weekend for good training and time on the clock

Photos by: @gruber_seb