The 2021 National Championships in Winter Park, CO was one for the books! I was super stoked to get my 3rd Junior Title in a row! 2018 15-16 / 2019 15-16 / 2021 17-18 (2020 was cancelled for Covid19)
It was a few heavy weeks of travelling and racing.I left France Monday morning, and arrived to CO Monday evening, only to find out my two gear bags and my bike box did not make the flight to the USA. Luckily 2 days later everything showed up just in time for the first day of practice.
The track in Colorado was like no other. The town is at 9,000ft, and the top of the track 12,000ft. so the altitude was a big factor for the week. The track was quite flat and had a lot of pedalling, so it was very important to conserve energy.
On Saturday I was able to qualify into 1st place Junior. That night I started to feel a bit sick, and come race day it got a lot worse… Stuffy nose, sore throat, and heavy cough… gotta love it haha! Practice was a struggle but in the race I was able to put my head down and get a solid in a solid run! I was so stoked to grab my 3rd win in a row!
Thank you to everyone for the support!